100 days to less sugar: Days 31-40

This ridiculous challenge would be almost over if I had decided to do it only for the length of Lent – 40 days. No such luck Amy, struggle on less sugar hunz.

Day 31: We had a busy day in the office with the launch of a new yogurt and the beginning of wellness week. Fiona’s Food for Life brought in the goodies and my pre-yoga munchies were satisfied with activated seeds, dukkah and energy bars.


Day 32: Got home from work earlier than usual and was craving something sweet before dinner. I had a pink lady. Exciting. Tbh, I love pink lady apples.

Day 33: Resisted the chocolate in the office and the jelly sweets at home. I was baking tonight so I did sample a flapjack. However, I made a conscious decision not to lick the bowl and spoon when I was finished with the melted chocolate. This is progress.

Day 34: It was my birthday today. My work gals organised a little party for my with hummus and veggie sticks so that I wasn’t obliged to eat cakes. My cookies and flapjacks made an appearance (yes I baked treats for everyone else on my birthday).

Day 35: My birthday dinner is tonight and I’ve made little birthday cake goodie bags. Only something a foodie would be doing! Inevitably I ate some of the cake mix – it’s very tasty.

Day 36: I had my birthday dinner in Osteria 99 in Monkstown. The staff were super attentive and cute and brought me out a tiramisu with a candle in it. I’m not a big fan of cream but I had to give it a taste – it was good, I must admit.

Day 37: I resisted the leftover birthday cake that is still in my kitchen. Plz leave soon.

Day 38: One of my work gals brought yummy chocolate home from a recent trip to Vienna. I resisted.

Day 39: The birthday cake leftovers were still present. I ate them for my pre-yoga snack along with some oats. Balance and all that.

Day 40: I went for dinner in Cafe 31 in Cabinteely with work friends and didn’t give a second thought to saying no to dessert. If you say no enough times it becomes a habit, so they say.

… Days 41-50

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