Dairy-free Brown Soda Bread

100 days to less sugar: Days 41-50

We’re almost at the halfway mark. I recently found out that I have inspired Healthy International Students to take on the challenge and share their progress publicly. This really delighted and humbled me and I hope that other people are inspired too.

Day 41: My housemate returned home from a trip to the Philippines and brought home some delicious Milka chocolate. I’ve resisted so far.

Day 42: Today is the first day of working from home following Leo Varadkar’s announcement regards COVID-19. My work buddy tried to tempt me with the Milka chocolate (see day 41) but I stood my ground.


Day 43: Housemate opened a tub of Nutella. I don’t even like Nutella that much. Yet somehow it was tempting me. I stood firmly and continued with my plan of having peanut butter and banana on homemade bread for breakfast.

Dairy-free Brown Soda Bread

Day 44: Resisted dessert today. It was my homemade salted caramel apple crumble with ice cream. Very very tempting.

Day 45: Once again, said no to my salted caramel apple crumble. It’s finished now, TG. No more of it tempting me.

Day 46: My dad offered me ice cream. Very tempted but I said no.

Day 47: My brother offered me some chewy sweets. I said no. I was really tempted. Chocolate is really what I’d be more interested in right now.

Day 48: I had “PB and Jelly” on brown bread for breakfast. Jam has been a no-go since the beginning of this challenge but I felt the nut butter was a little dry by itself.

Day 49: I baked coconut and raspberry brownies for Mother’s Day and I needed to have a taste when I was cutting them. Worth it – they’re delicious. Later in the day I resisted more brownie with ice cream – now that would have been amazing.

Day 50: Whilst prepping dessert for my brother and my dad, I decided to have a little half brownie. It was yummy. No more brownies now, tomorrow is Monday.

… Days 51-60

Are you up for the reduced sugar challenge?

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