100 days to less sugar: Days 21-30

It’s funny, I’m not craving sugar after lunch anymore. It’s wonderful really. Oh I do hope this crazy phase stays with me beyond 100 days!

Day 21: The work neighbour (see day 8) has redeemed herself by supplying low sugar snacks in the form of oatcakes.

Day 22: Kind housemate has bought us Malteaser Bunnies to enjoy while watching Love Island. I don’t think I’ll resist, I might compromise and have half tonight and half tomorrow night.

Day 23: There are giant, homemade cookies in the work kitchen. I’ll just avoid that kitchen for the rest of the day.

Day 24: Had half of a flapjack. It looks really weird when you bring treats to someone’s house but then refuse to eat them yourself. I had to prove that they weren’t poisonous.

Day 25: Resisted an open back of jellies that were in the kitchen when I got home from watching the rugby. Chosen treat was a homemade turmeric latte and a pink lady.

Day 26: There were oceans of treats on the table at today’s meeting. Not once was a tempted. Super chuffed with myself.

Day 27: I made delicious cookies for a work birthday tomorrow and, by default, licked the spoon when I was done. It is a natural reflex.

Day 28: Tasted a broken piece of my new peanut butter cookies. Resisted the chocolate brownies.

Day 29: Visited a pop-up Creme Egg cafe in Dundrum and enjoyed a four-course Creme Egg meal. No regrets. Sugar-restriction took a wide side step, although I didn’t overindulge which was positive.

Day 30: Resisted Momma’s homemade sherry trifle and a Terry’s Chocolate Orange that was opened and in the fridge at home. They are two of my favorite treats.

… Days 31-40

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