Food for Thought: Vitamin D

Whilst the media may suggest otherwise, in general, there is a clinical need for only a few supplements. These include vitamin D, calcium, iron and vitamin B12. Vitamin D, sometimes referred to as the sunshine vitamin, in particular is a cause for concern among the Irish population. This is because vitamin is mainly synthesised by the action of sunlight on the skin. However, this action … Continue reading Food for Thought: Vitamin D

My Cookbook Collection

If you find yourself reading this blog and scrolling through my recipes, you will be aware that I am a big fan of cooking and baking. Many of the recipes I bake and cook regularly are available on this website, including my lemon drizzle cake, my tea brack and my chicken noodle stir-fry. I would be a fraud to say that I’ve made up all … Continue reading My Cookbook Collection

100 days to less sugar: Day 71-80

I am heading into the last month of my sugar challenge. It seemed like such a mad decision back in February but the time has really flown by and I don’t regret it. Day 71: Had carmelised pear in my oats this morning, as per day 70. Otherwise, a virtually temptation-free day. Day 72: I made s’mores cookies which smelled and looked awesome. The temptation … Continue reading 100 days to less sugar: Day 71-80

100 days to less sugar: Days 41-50

We’re almost at the halfway mark. I recently found out that I have inspired Healthy International Students to take on the challenge and share their progress publicly. This really delighted and humbled me and I hope that other people are inspired too. Day 41: My housemate returned home from a trip to the Philippines and brought home some delicious Milka chocolate. I’ve resisted so far. … Continue reading 100 days to less sugar: Days 41-50

100 days to less sugar: Days 31-40

This ridiculous challenge would be almost over if I had decided to do it only for the length of Lent – 40 days. No such luck Amy, struggle on less sugar hunz. Day 31: We had a busy day in the office with the launch of a new yogurt and the beginning of wellness week. Fiona’s Food for Life brought in the goodies and my … Continue reading 100 days to less sugar: Days 31-40