100 days to less sugar: Day 71-80

I am heading into the last month of my sugar challenge. It seemed like such a mad decision back in February but the time has really flown by and I don’t regret it.

Day 71: Had carmelised pear in my oats this morning, as per day 70. Otherwise, a virtually temptation-free day.

Day 72: I made s’mores cookies which smelled and looked awesome. The temptation was there but I left them for my brothers to eat.

Day 73: The dust of Rice Krispies was left in a box and I had two choices – feed breakfast cereal to my dog (he’d love it) or feed breakfast cereal to myself (I’d love it). Although per day ___ I had mentioned that breakfast cereal was off the menu for the moment, I felt the few tablespoons that remained in the box were OK to go wild on.

Child eating a bowl of cereal.
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Day 74: Momma Bear has made a raspberry and almond cake and it’s currently baking in the oven. Although I’m not a big fan of almond, I think I’ll have to take a little taste. It’s so important to taste new recipes – you never know, it would be horrific to serve to someone else if you didn’t know what it tasted like yourself.

Day 75: A month after Easter and we found Lindt chocolates in the press. Momma and I shared a chocolate paw print with our tea and coffee in the sunshine. How civilised are we, sharing a chocolate when there was in fact two on offer.

Day 76: I tried out a new flavour combo in my scones – orange and cranberry. Had to give them a taste before I shared the recipe which amounted to less than half a scone. In fact, when you look at the total sugar in the batch, the sample I had would have contained a very low amount of sugar and what’s this challenge all about? Reducing sugar intake.

Orange and cranberry scone
Orange & Cranberry Scones

Day 77: It was my friend’s virutal hen party tonight. Sadly, we couldn’t go to Albufeira as planned but we had a great night of laughing and chatting on video call. There were snacks available to me, including toffee sweets, but I opted for a handful of roasted nuts and left it at that.

Day 78: I was back baking today and made a new recipe that I’d been fantasising about for a while – Rhubarb & Almond Crumble Tart. It looked unbelievable coming out of the oven all golden and crispy. I had to try a piece after dinner with a little scoop of ice cream.

A slice of Rhubarb & Almond Crumble Tart on a blue patterned plate
Rhubarb & Almond Crumble Tart

Day 79: I declined the offer of Rhubarb & Apple Crumble Tart for dessert today – tempting as it was.

Day 80: There were some Chocolate Rice Krispies Squares left from the weekend. I ate the few individual pieces of cereal that were lying in the bottle of the box but I restrained myself from indulging in a full square. I’ve only 20 days left of this challenge. I’ll survive without a rice krispie treat for now.

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