100 days to less sugar: Day 81-90

The last twenty days, this is exciting. The challenge started when I was carefree and fun-loving. It has taken my through COVID-19 lock down and will finish as we find ourselves in phase 1 of re-opening the country. What a strange time this is to be living. I can guarantee you that only for this challenge,  I would have been enjoying a lot more COVID treats.

Day 81: It was just another Monday in lock down. Nothing to report.

Day 82: While watching The Chase at lunchtime (my daily routine), Momma Bear reminded me that there are two Lindt Bunnies still left from Easter. Oh, that is tempting. I’ll try to hold out until the weekend. Is it Friday yet? No Amy, it’s Tuesday.

Day 83: After lunch, my internet threw a fit and wouldn’t work – the reality of working from home in Monaghan where there is no fibre broadband. While I waited for the interweb to resume functionality, I whipped up a tray of Rice Krispie Treats. Of course I had a taste of the melted mixture. So marshmallowy. So fluffy. So good.

Rice Krispie Treats

Day 84: Momma Bear made buns today with jam and lemon curd fillings. They looked and smelled delicious but I resisted.

Day 85: There were three of my Rice Krispie Treats left at lunch time and it was very tempted to have a half but I said no, there’s no need for that Amy. However, after dinner I did have a cup of coffee and shared the Lindy bunny (mentioned in Day 82) with Momma Bear and Brother 1. What other family (1) still has Easter chocolate in May and (2) can share a small Lindt bunny between three people?

Day 86: Just like almost every Saturday in lock down, I made a batch of scones. This week choosing cranberry and coconut. Most days I’d pass on having one because, you know, trying to reduce sugar hear. However, this week I decided to have one for my lunch and it was absolutely delicious. I think when you limit your treats, you become more appreciative of them.

Day 87: I served up dessert for the family but not for myself. I tried my Rhubarb Crumble Tart yesterday and I know it’s delicious. Only a handful of days left in this challenge. I can survive without dessert for today.

Coconut & Cranberry Scones
Coconut & Cranberry Scones

Day 88: The last two slices of Rhubarb Crumble Tart were on offer. I declined, instead going for a walk after dinner and then enjoying a cup of coffee and a book.

Day 89: There are some yummies being baked in the kitchen this morning while I am upstairs working from my bedroom. I can resist the cupcakes but I might have to have a taste of the marble cake. If nothing else, I’ll have to have a look at the cool colour when it is cut.

Day 90: The marble cake from yesterday is still available. Tempting because it is very tasty but I passed by it multiple times throughout the day.

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