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100 days to less sugar: Day 61-70

I’ve gotten over Easter now and I’ve got just over a month left of this challenge. I fed myself well with chocolate for the long weekend of Easter and I feel like I’m on the home stretch now.

Day 61: No temptation today until 10pm when one of the lingering Easter eggs was opened. Impossible to resist, I had a thumb-sized piece. Very little compared to what I wanted.

Day 62: Baked today – lemon cake and apple pie. Said no to the dessert offer of apple pie and ice cream, choosing to taste only the crumbs.


Day 63: Today was like a second Easter Sunday. I succumbed to peer pressure and had a slice of Viennetta ice cream. Then decided later on that I was having a rogue day and had a piece of Easter egg. Tomorrow is Monday!

Day 64: Brother 1 made Oreo fudge and, to not be rude, I had a taste whilst reading a chapter of my book.

Day 65: Brother 2 offered me my favourite sweets – Shrimps & Bananas. I declined the offer.

Day 66: I took on the Dalgona Coffee Challenge and I was so impressed. The 2 tbsp of sugar were worth it.

Dalgona Coffee
Dalgona Coffee

Day 67: I made double chocolate chip cookies for the weekend and had a taste. They’re a new recipe and I had to make sure it was suitable for the blogs.

Day 68: I cut up the second half of this year’s Easter cake. Sampled the crumbs that were left behind on the chopping board. Delicious. I highly recommend you try the recipe if you’re a fan of fruit cake.


Day 69: Momma Bear has made a batch of fairy cakes. They smell delicious but I’ll be declining the offer of tasting them.

Day 70: There was a very soft pear in the fruit bowl so I decided to carmelise it with a spoonful of dark brown sugar for use on my porridge over two days. So that’s approx. 1 tsp of sugar in my porridge for two mornings. It’s actually very delicious.

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