100 days to less sugar: Days 51-60

Half way there. We’re half way there and I’m somewhat enjoying this challenge. It’s been tough at times, for sure. However, I feel I have much more control over my food choices and don’t say yes to chocolate simply because it’s there. I’m more likely to enjoy a treat because I want it, not only because it’s on offer.

Day 51: Momma produced two little dark chocolates from the fridge. I’ve got a whole new appreciation of dark chocolate since embarking on this challenge. Dark chocolate is allowed given that it’s sugar content is low.

Day 52: Momma baked a delicious smelling madeira cake. I had a little taste when I was making lunch for my dad. It was such a thin slice, it was practically crumbs.

Day 53: Momma offered me a Choc Ice after dinner. My response “I need to be able to fit in the doors of the office after this social distancing”.

Day 54: Honeycomb ice cream got the better of me this evening. A bowl of apple crumble and ice cream after dinner. It was delish.

Day 55: I tried a new recipe in the form of Oat Bars. While they sound “healthy” they’re not. They are made with lots of melted marshmallows – yum! Snuck a few marshmallows while baking and then had a taste of the bars. It has to be done.

Day 56: There is a yummy apple upside down cake on the menu for tonight and I will be all over that! It’s now been three weeks since I came home to socially distant myself and I think a treat at the weekend is more than deserved.

Day 57: The family and I finished off the apple upside down cake. I wasn’t going to have any at all but there was a little slice left on the plate calling my name and a spoonful of ice cream conveniently landed beside it.


Day 58: Momma Bear made a delicious tea brack. I deem this a sweet bread as opposed to a cake and therefore allow a little slice as part of this challenge. As previously noted, dried fruit is on the menu.

Day 59: I ate a handful of Rice Krispies as a snack without even thinking. Unfortunately, sugar is one of the top three ingredients in this breakfast cereal and for that reason, the Rice Krispies (and all similar breakfast cereals) will be on the no-go list for the duration of this reduced sugar challenge.

Day 60: I took a break from this challenge over the Easter weekend. I wanted to enjoy my chocolate and enjoy it I did! Back at it again and today satisfying my sweet tooth after lunch with a piece of tea brack. The other options where Easter Simnel cake or fairy cakes. I think I made a good compromise.

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