100 days to less sugar: Days 11-20

The first wave of my reduced sugar challenge was exciting. Like everything in life, the beginning is always exciting and intriguing. It’s kind of like the honeymoon period of a relationship. Here’s hoping I will keep up the momentum for wave 2.

Day 11: Indulged in some sultanas to satisfy my after-dinner sweet craving. I believe this is kind of cheating on my challenge. From this point onwards, the dried fruit is to be limited too.

Day 12: I was traveling with work and I would normally have bought myself a pack of mints to get me through. Not today.

Day 13: Resisted all treats at company conference until dinner time when I tasted the cheesecake because it was purple. It was underwhelming and I stopped after two bites.

Day 14: After a sleepless night and a morning of traveling from London, I had two chocolate rice cakes at lunch time, alongside my nutritious meal of scrambled egg, hummus and pitta bread. Sometimes a girl just needs chocolate.

Day 15: Sampled the Peanut Butter Squares that I made for the office.

Day 16: Treated myself to a homemade breakfast bar for Galentine’s Day. Resisted the love heart chocolate that my secret admirer placed on my desk.

Day 17: Passed on dessert and cake at a 60th birthday party. Surprisingly, I didn’t even want any. Maybe you can actually change the habits of a lifetime!

… Days 21-30

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