100 day is to less sugar: Days 1-10

I’ve decided to embark on a slightly mad challenge of 100 day is a less sugar. I say this is slightly mad for me because, while I am quite a healthy person, I equally love little sweet treats and, as everyone knows, I do a tremendous amount of baking.

For these 100 days, I won’t completely cut out sugar. This is more about being mindful of when I indulge in my little sweet treats.

Day 1: I had a nibble of cake because it was looking at me. I’ll take the challenge more seriously from tomorrow.

Day 2: Resisted the office treats. Satisfied myself with the end of a protein bar.

Day 3: Baked brownies for my friend and tasted a sample.

Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Brownies

Day 4: Refused chocolate mini eggs.

Day 5: Went to a show in the Bord Gais. I’d normally treat myself to a bag of Jelly Babies for a show but not tonight.

Day 6: Politely ignored the presence of white chocolate mini eggs in my kitchen.

Day 7: I had two yogurt-coated rice cakes before I realized they were off limits. Oops.

Day 8: My work neighbor offered me a square of Dairy Milk. No thanks.

Day 9: Baked a tasty Oat & Carrot Loaf which I’ve enjoyed with hummus and guacamole (not together). This has helped keep sweet cravings away.

Day 10: I baked a Lemon Loaf Cake today. Damn right I baked my cake and ate it #GoneRogue. Back to the challenge now!

…. Days 11-20


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