Listen to these Podcasts: The 2020 Edition

Today, September 30th, is International Podcast Day. My love for podcasts is strong and, inspired by this international day of recognition, I decided to update my 2019 podcast list and create this 2020 version. A lot can change in a year *cough* COVID *cough*. Equally a lot can stay the same – you’ll notice some of my recommendations have carried through from 2019 to 2020.

Photo by Melanie Pongratz on Unsplash

2020 research has shown that the average podcast listener listens to 7 different shows in an average week. I tend to listen when I am walking to and from work and when I go out for a walk in the mornings and evenings – confession: only sometimes I make it out of bed on time for the morning walk. While I am fond of listening to a variety of different topics and speakers, there are a few podcasts that I will return to again and again. Those I have listed below and I highly recommend you give them all a listen.

If your end of year resolution is to listen to a new podcast – keep on reading, you’re in the right place.

Real Health by Karl Henry

From the day it launched, I’ve been a huge fan of Karl Henry’s podcast. Firstly, I love the length of the podcasts – they’re ideal for my walk to and from work. Like Hazel Wallace, listed below, Karl cuts out the poop when it comes to health advise and only interviews qualified experts. Karl interviews a variety of professionals from money mentors to dietitians, from PT’s to psychologists – there’s an episode for everyone. I can’t possibly choose my favourite episode.

The Laughs of Your Life by Doireann Garrihy

What’s not to love about listening to Doireann’s bubbly and upbeat voice. She’s a character by herself and then she brings in guests and you’re just smiling and laughing for the duration of the podcast. I was going to suggest, if you only listen to one of Doireann’s podcast episodes, to listen to Simon Harris. Then I remembered how much I loved the interview with Paul Meschal. And then I remembered how lovely the episode was with Aoibhín, Doireann’s sister. So instead, I’m going to suggest listening to every episode from the beginning. Enjoy.

The Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert

Do you aspire to be that person who leaps out of bed at 6am in the morning to get sh1t3 done before the day has even started? If you answered yes to that question then Adrienne Herbert is the lady you need to listen to. Even if you don’t aspire to be an early bird, a listen to this podcast could help you get into a better routine and set you up for more productive, successful and enjoyable days. The Power Hour is a mixture of interviews (40-60 mins approx) and monologue voice notes from Adrienne herself. I personally love the voice notes because they’re short and sweet – like me!

The Food Medic by Hazel Wallace

Hazel has made it on to my podcast list for two years in a row now – congrats to you Dr Hazel. Hazel is a no-nonsense medic who filters through the nutri-babble and health-waffle to provide the listener with only sound and solid advise for living a healthier and happier life. In fact, Hazel has even been interviewed by Adrienne as part of The Power Hour podcast – that was a good episode.

Just Start Now by Vicky Shilling

I couldn’t have a podcast list without mentioning Vicky Shilling. Firstly, Vicky is the lady who held me accountable to getting this blog you’re currently reading set up. Yes, I procrastinated until Vicky gave me some coaching and set me up for success. As a coach that works with people that want to start and grow health and wellness businesses, Vicky brings us tips, tricks and advice through her podcast to just start now on whatever business idea, side hustle or project you’re working on. This podcast has been shortlisted for the Best Podcast award in the 2020 Creative Impact Awards.

If you rather reading as opposed to podcasts, you might rather reading my 2020 reading list. And of course, let me know what you’re listening to and reading on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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