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I am a big fan of podcasts. I mainly listen to them when I am walking home from work and when I go out for a walk in the evening after dinner. While I am fond of listening to a variety of different topics and speakers, there are a few podcasts that I will return to again and again.

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

The top eight of the moment for me are:

Eat, Capture, Share by The Little Plantation
This is a podcast that every food blogger, food photographer and food stylist should listen to. The majority of episodes focus on coaching food bloggers on improving their blogging business or turning their blogging hobby into a career. Some of my favourite episodes include tips on selling and sharing content, benefits of social media advertising and using colour theories in food photography. Each episode features a new guest with new knowledge.

Furthermore, there are a couple of episodes on sustainability that resonated. One such discusses plastic-free living and what little steps we can make in order to lead a plastic-free or reduced-plastic live. Listen to the episode here: Is plastic free the new black?

Plant Proof by Simon Hill
After I published this list early in 2019, a school-mate contacted by via Facebook and recommended that I listen to Simon Hill’s podcast. Plant Proof, as the name would suggest, has a large emphasis on plant-based, sustainable living and what we can do to help save our planet and improve our health at the same time.

My three favourite Plant Proof episodes to date focus on sustainability.
1. The damage caused by ocean plastics
2. Creating a conscious plant based family
3. Changing on meal a day can save the planet


Creative Women International
I started listening to this podcast the morning after I found out that my current job was at risk. I listening to the second podcast of the series and I was left with one key message – always have three streams of income. That way, you’re reducing your risk of have zero income. Thankfully, I have three streams, albeit some better than others!

This podcast was created to help women develop their inner creative and develop their business or career in the creative industry. Other episodes I’m looking forward to listening to include “How to get your dream job” and “How to discover what creative career you want”.

Girls with Goals by Her
Presented by Niamh Maher, Girls with Goals is making a big name for itself as each week brings another awesome story about awesome women.

My favourite episodes to date have been episode #70 (The Nurses and Midwives Share their Story) and a bonus feature on the “hockey legends” that are the Irish Women’s Hockey Team. Each episode is between 30-60 minutes meaning you can always find one to fit the length of time you have available.

The Real Health Podcast by Karl Henry
Each week Karl releases a new episode in which the listener is provided with practical, no-nonsense tips on improving health and keeping well. At the end of each podcast, you are guaranteed to take out your earphones with a health-focused “to do” list. Thanks Karl.

One evening, all I needed for running motivation was to listen to Karl’s top running tips. Off I went on a 34 minute run, not a bother. Never underestimate what you can you do, even if you mind is telling you that you can’t (I regularly convince myself that I’m not fit enough, awake enough, happy enough to go running).

My favourite episode to date has to be that in which Karl interviewed Psychologist Allison Keating to discuss the seven relationships in our lives that can define our whole lives. This episode was aired on 28th September 2018.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

Letters from a Hopeful Creative by Sara Tasker and Jen Carrington
In each episode, Sara and Jen share a letter from a “hopeful creative” who is looking for advice and guidance. The topic is often business-orientated including topics such as motivation, comparison and goal-setting.

My favourite episode to date was aired on 5th August 2018 when a hopeful creative sought advise on turning their blog into a business. This one really resonated with me as I run my blog as a hobby but it got me thinking about how I could make it more than just that. Watch this space.

Fit and Fearless by Tally, Zanna and Vic aka The Girl Gains
These three ladies speak to the listener about all things fitness-related including body confidence and mental health, the different types of exercises that are out there and the dreaded “testosterzone” in the gym. In each episode you can expect the girls to bust some of the crazy myths that are circulating in relation to health and fitness.

My favourite episode from the girls was aired on the 6th September 2018. They interviewed Dr Megan Rossie to discuss gut health and what we can do to keep our tummies happy.

The Food Medic by Dr Hazel Wallace
Hazel is a medical doctor as well as a blogger, personal trainer and writer. In each episode, Hazel interviews experts in their field, discussing important topics such as gut health with Dr Megan Rossie (yes you may have noticed I enjoy this topic), gynae health with Gynae Geek and stress with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee.

My favourite episode was aired on 25th June 2018 when Hazel interviewed a geneticist to discuss the role our genes have when it comes to obesity. Is it nature, nurture or a combination of both?

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If you prefer listening to audiobooks, as opposed to podcasts, check out my reading list. I’ve including some audiobook recommendations at the bottom.

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