100 days to less sugar: Days 91-100

I’m almost at the end! Definitely, without the accountability of people reading my blog, I would have given up on this sugar challenge a long time ago. In reality, I should be finished already but I took a weekend off for Easter and I think there were some times where I forgot to log my day.

Day 91: Momma’s marble cake is still looking at me. It definitely is tempting me more than usual because of the pretty colours.

Day 92: Today was National Biscuit Day. I didn’t eat any biscuits.

Taking a three day break for the June bank holiday weekend.

Day 93: Momma baked a delicious smelling Madeira cake but I passed on a taste.

Day 94: I went back to Dublin today after 12 weeks of working from home in Monaghan. I went straight to my fave coffee shop when I got back – Cinnamon Monkstown – and picked up some take away coffee and scones for me and momma and daddy.

Day 95: Dark chocolate was my friend at the beginning of this challenge and it continues to be so now that I come to the end! It’s surprisingly satisfying, despite popular belief that it’s not nice.

Day 96: Reunited with some of the work gals tonight and enjoyed one Bulmers Light. Would recommend. Pleasantly delicious despite being the “light” version.

Day 97: Baked. No cakes. Just bread.

Day 98: I was treated to my first Teddy’s ice cream of the summer. How could I say no? Especially when they now sell vegan whipped ice cream which is dairy free ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

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