A Year of Reading – 2020

In 2019, I started the year with a new year’s resolution to read 25 books. That was just over two books per month. I achieved this goal and was inspired for 2020 when I decided to read 30 books in the year. Today’s date is December 26th 2020 and I am delighted to say that, with less than a week to spare, I have completed … Continue reading A Year of Reading – 2020

Book List 2020

In 2019, I committed to reading 25 books in the year. I reached my target at the end of December and immediately decided to embark on another reading challenge! This year, in 2020, I am committing to reading 30 books in the year. I’m mad but what’s a challenge if it’s too easy! I’ve got two holidays planned this year when I plan on having … Continue reading Book List 2020