Dublin’s Hidden Coffee Gems

Like every other city, Dublin is bursting at the seams with coffee shops! While I love a good Insomnia when I’m at work due to it’s proximity to the office, I am a big fan of exploring and experience independent coffee shops and cafés in Dublin. The following coffee shops and cafés have been tried and tested by yours truly, with a sole focus on … Continue reading Dublin’s Hidden Coffee Gems

Improve your Sleep Quality

We all know it. If we don’t get enough sleep, we’re not ourselves the next day. When we don’t get enough sleep over a long period of time, it can effect more than just our mood and productivity. Lack of sleep and poor sleep quality can increase the risk of obesity, type 2 Diabetes, depression and anxiety. I recently listened to a podcast with sleep … Continue reading Improve your Sleep Quality

Marathon Nutrition

If you take nothing else from this blog, please remember one thing – don’t try anything new on race day. You’ve had months of preparation and planning. Don’t try something new that could potentially sabotage your hard work and hinder your success. Here’s some basic, straight-to-the-point nutrition advise that I hope will help you get you over the finish line and recovering as planned. Glycogen … Continue reading Marathon Nutrition