100 days to less sugar: Days 11-20

The first wave of my reduced sugar challenge was exciting. Like everything in life, the beginning is always exciting and intriguing. It’s kind of like the honeymoon period of a relationship. Here’s hoping I will keep up the momentum for wave 2. Day 11: Indulged in some sultanas to satisfy my after-dinner sweet craving. I believe this is kind of cheating on my challenge. From … Continue reading 100 days to less sugar: Days 11-20

100 day is to less sugar: Days 1-10

I’ve decided to embark on a slightly mad challenge of 100 day is a less sugar. I say this is slightly mad for me because, while I am quite a healthy person, I equally love little sweet treats and, as everyone knows, I do a tremendous amount of baking. For these 100 days, I won’t completely cut out sugar. This is more about being mindful … Continue reading 100 day is to less sugar: Days 1-10

Pinterest Accounts to Follow

Are you a Pinterest fanatic? For years I didn’t use Pinterest but when I started, oh there was no stopping me. Now Pinterest is one of the most used apps on my phone and I want to share with you some of my favourite Pinterest accounts. Bloom and Grow Creations This is a board with almost 250 collaborators, one of which is me. Here you … Continue reading Pinterest Accounts to Follow

Fizzy Drinks: The Diet Soda Debate

This morning I completed an online survey that was collecting data on consumption of fizzy drinks and what influences purchase. I answered rarely/never when asked how often do I consume soft fizzy drinks and, on those occasions, I would choose sparkling water with sugar-free cordial or diet/sugar-free soda. This got me thinking about the diet soda debate and I decided to put pen to paper … Continue reading Fizzy Drinks: The Diet Soda Debate


I love my blog. I love other people’s blogs. I love writing content for my own blog. I love writing content for other people’s blogs. This page is 100% for sharing the content that I have featured on various other blogs and online magazines. Happy reading! Amy x Beans Beans Are Good For Your Heart Featured on Drop Chef Blog, Dec 2020 UCD 100 – … Continue reading Collaborations