Notes to Self by Emilie Pine – A Review

Notes to Self by Emilie Pine is a series of personal essays writer in the first person. Having come through many trials in modern-day life, Pine found a way to share her story with us in what can only be described as brave, insightful, inspiring and captivating. A “confessional essay,” as cited by, it is with great honesty that Pine gives the reader a glimpse into her life in which she touches on experiences with alcoholism, fertility, sexual misconduct, mental health and feminism.

Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

As with many non-fiction books, Emilie’s book reads as a story, introducing us to the character in childhood and following a chronological sequence of events from there. I believe the success of this book depends largely on the honesty that Pine writes with. While I admire this bravery, I believe this may be an obstacle to others reading the book. We still live in a society where people don’t like to hear the truth. The truth that often many of us can relate to in one way or the other.

Notes to Self was recommended to me while I was trying to decide what book to buy for a friend as a Christmas present – little did I know that I would be the second person to gift her a copy of this book. I would highly recommend this eye-opening book to everyone – men and women. The book reminds us that we don’t know everyone’s story. What is going on in someone’s life now, what has happened in the past, we often just don’t know. It is our due diligence to acknowledge that everyone has a story that has shaped who they are. <a href="http://Notes to Self” target=”_blank”>Notes to Self draws on the emotions and, while I read most of my books on public transport, I would suggest the comfort of one’s home when reading this one.

Irish Book of the Year

This book was the second book I read in 2019 – the year in which I have committed to reading 25 books. It is no surprise to me, or any other reader, why this book has received the gong for An Post Book of the Year 2019 – an award that has been previously given to Louise O’Neill, another inspirational, female Irish author whose books are on my “to-read” list.