S’mores Brownies

These s’mores brownies are one of my many bakes during COVID-19. In this case, I was inspired by a bag of marshmallows in the baking press that has passed their best before date. No big deal but felt it best to use them up.

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Hope you enjoy!

Amy x

180g butter
150g milk chocolate
2 large eggs or 3 regular eggs
240g caster sugar
1 tsp salted caramel essence
110g plain flour
100g marshmallows, cut in half

Grease and line a 7X11″ cake tin. Preheat the oven to 180C.

Melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl over a pan of barely simmering water. Simultaneously, beat together the eggs, caster sugar and salted caramel essence.

When the chocolate and butter have melted, gradually beat into the egg mixture.

Fold in the flour.

Transfer to the prepared cake tin and bake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven, sprinkle over the marshmallows and return to the oven for a further 10 minutes.

Allow to cool completely in the tin before cutting.