Cooked Breakfast

Do you know that the typical “full Irish” can contain in excess of 1,000 calories!? And by no means are they “healthy” calories,.Due to the high levels of salt and saturated fat typically found in the components of the iconic breakfast, this calories are very unhealthy if eaten frequently.

Cooked Breakfast

I decided to take on the challenge of recreating a much healthier version of the cooked breakfast and I am very impressed with my efforts.

⭐️ In comparison to frying, grilling removes fat rather than adding fat

⭐️ In comparison to white sliced-pan, wholemeal, seeded bread is higher in fibre and the addition of nuts makes it higher in protein

⭐️ Choosing low-fat sausages reduce the overall calories and saturated fat in the meal

⭐️ There are no known benefits of eating a gluten-free diet without a professional Coeliac or gluten-intolerance diagnosis – the sausages were just by chance gluten-free

⭐️ By microwaving eggs or using a non-stick pot, the need to add butter is reduced/removed

⭐️ Adding spices to the eggs removes/reduces the need to add salt for flavour

Hope you enjoy.

Amy x

2 Slices of Seedy Brown Bread with the addition of cashew nuts
2 mushrooms
2 low-fat, gluten-free Mallon’s sausages
2 eggs
Splash of milk
Salt, pepper and chilli flakes (optional)

Grill the sausages and mushrooms, turning regularly.

Scramble the eggs by whisk in a mug with a splash of milk and the seasoning and spice, if using. Cook as desired, in the microwave or on the hob.

Toast the bread and serve.