30th Birthday Cake

This summer, I was super excited to be making a friend’s 30th birthday cake. I was nervous, for sure, but she’s one of the coolest people I know and I knew this cake was going to be an outlet for my craziness and creativity.

The cake topper in the photo was purchased from Etsy. The butterflies are Dr. Oerker. The sweeties are Tesco. The stars are Sostrene Green. The awesome table setting on the day was by the birthday girl herself @sunpres_studio.

Hope you enjoy!

Amy x

For the cake
450g milk chocolate
100g butter
397g tin of condensed milk
1 pack Digestives
1 pack Rich Tea
6 Twix fingers chopped
1 sharing bag of Maltesers

For the decorating
300g vanilla buttercream
LOTS of sprinkles
Sweeties of choice

Grease and line your cake tin/vessel with greaseproof paper.

Melt the chocolate and butter in a large mixing bowl over a saucepan of barely simmering water.

When the chocolate has melted, mix in the condensed milk – the mixture will start to resemble soft fudge.

Stir in the biscuits, ensuring they’re all coated in chocolate and remove from the heat.

Mix in the chocolate bars and transfer to the prepared tin/vessel. Level off the top and allow to set in the fridge overnight. To remove the cake from the vessel, dip into hot water to loosen the edges – I experienced some drama at this stage, don’t worry, you’ll get it out.

Apply a crumb coat of buttercream to the cake and allow to chill for at least 20 minutes. You may want to fill in any gaps with buttercream to help achieve a smooth finish.

Apply the second layer of buttercream in upwards strokes from the bottom of the cake, finishing with a smooth layer on the top.

Wearing latex gloves, press handfuls of sprinkles on the the cake. Stick in any cake toppers and additional sweets and allow to chill, ideally overnight. Remove from the fridge about an hour or so before cutting.