Apple & Blackberry Bars

Autumn is definitely my favourite season. The colours in nature, the clothes and the seasonal ingredients, of course. Both cooking apples and blackberries are in season right now. If you’re in the countryside blackberries are likely to be in abundance in the hedges along fields and roads. My top tip with this recipe is to make the fruit filling a day in advance, if possible, … Continue reading Apple & Blackberry Bars

Apple & Blackberry Crumble

The first weekend of September and I’m jumping on the seasonal fruit and making a delicious apple and blackberry crumble. Unfortunately I don’t have easy access to an orchard so my apples were purchased from the supermarket. The blackberries however are abundant on the hedgerows of Monaghan so no need to go to the supermarket from those. Doggo has a great fondness for blackberries too. … Continue reading Apple & Blackberry Crumble

Blackberry & Raspberry Chia Jam

At the beginning of the summer, I picked fresh raspberries from our neighbour’s garden and decided to make raspberry chia jam – now a new staple condiment in my fridge. A few months on and summer has become autumn. Blackberries are now in season and I am flat-to-the-mat making blackberry chia jam. I originally shared this recipe on Instagram where I was asked the question … Continue reading Blackberry & Raspberry Chia Jam

Banana & Blackberry Bread

If you follow my stories on Instagram then you’ll know that I love picking blackberries at the end of the summer. This is one of my favorite activities and I often have my doggo with me eating them – yes he sometimes has paleo tendencies and eats blackberries from the hedgerow! In previous years I simply ate my blackberries. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. They’re … Continue reading Banana & Blackberry Bread

Blackberry Compote

The end of the summer can bring an element of sadness. Darker days, back to school, colder weather. However, the end of summer brings the beginning of blackberry season. Blackberries are incredibly easy to grow at home. That said, I don’t even grow my own blackberries. Instead I make use of my local hedgerows in county Monaghan which are flush with blackberries towards the end … Continue reading Blackberry Compote